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Premium Synthetic and Specialty Labels for High-Performance Needs

Do you need a label that is waterproof, resistant to scuffing, and durable enough to withstand frequent handling? Perhaps you require enhanced security or specific functionality? Synthetic label paper offers a wide range of benefits that surpass those of standard pulp paper, making it ideal for various applications and functional needs.

5 Main reasons to select Synthetic Labels for your application

Durability: Synthetic labels are more durable than traditional paper labels, making them ideal for products that will be exposed to harsh conditions or frequent handling.

Waterproof: Synthetic labels are waterproof, ensuring that the label remains intact and legible even when exposed to moisture or liquids.

Chemical Resistance: Synthetic labels are resistant to many chemicals, making them suitable for use in environments where exposure to chemicals is a concern.

Security:  Synthetic labels offer enhanced security features, such as tamper-evident properties, to protect against unauthorized access or tampering.

Versatility: Synthetic labels can be used in a wide range of applications, including outdoor use, refrigerated environments, and products that require long-lasting labels.

Specialty Labels

Speciality Label manufacturers in Tamil Nadu

Specialty labels from Codentrix are engineered for specialized applications, meeting stringent technical requirements. Our range includes high-temperature labels for industrial environments, ensuring durability and legibility in extreme conditions. For security-conscious industries, our security labels offer tamper-evident features and authentication capabilities. With customizable options and durable materials, our specialty labels guarantee optimal performance and longevity.

Trust Codentrix for labels that exceed industry standards, delivering reliability and functionality for your unique needs. With our extensive knowledge on unique and challenging speciality labelling requirements, we have developed a number of specialty label solutions to meet user needs.

Our Wide Range of Speciality Labels Include:

Security labels, Tamper Evident, and Ultra-Destructive Labels: These labels are designed to maintain product integrity and security, revealing any attempt at tampering.

High temperature resistant labels: These labels can withstand extreme heat, making them suitable for use in environments with high temperatures.

Cryogenic Labels:These labels are specially made to withstand extremely low temperatures, such as those found in cryogenic storage facilities. Suitable for Pharmaceutical, biotechnology and clinical lab applications.

Mobile phone security labels:  Securely cover the lens of a mobile phone's camera preventing pictures or videos from being taken, designed with a residue free removable adhesive to protect mobile camera’s lens.

Battery labels and PCB board labels: These are typically polyester or polymide labels, tailored for batteries or PCB boards to ensure safe handling and easy identification.

Chemical resistant labels and Drum Labels: These labels are resistant to chemicals, making them ideal for use in pharmaceutical and chemical industries on application over product Drums.

Transparent / Clear Labels:  Our wide range of transparent labels are more suited for application over promotional items and beauty products

Piggyback labels: These labels offer additional information or functionality with a removable section, making them versatile and practical.

Tyre Labels: These labels provide product information and branding for tyres, and they are durable and weather-resistant.

Removable Labels: Our removable labels are perfect for temporary applications, allowing easy removal without residue. Ideal for promotions, pricing, and temporary labeling needs.

Multi-Use Labels: Widely used in resealable packs, our versatile labels offer durability and convenience. Whether for storage, shipping, or branding, these labels are designed to maintain adhesion and reusability, even after multiple uses.

Frequently Asked Question

Synthetic labels provide several benefits including durability, water resistance, chemical resistance, security features, and versatility, making them suitable for harsh conditions and a variety of applications.
Synthetic labels are ideal for outdoor environments, refrigerated settings, and areas where they may be exposed to moisture, chemicals, or require frequent handling.
Yes, synthetic labels can be equipped with enhanced security features such as tamper-evident properties and other authentication capabilities to prevent unauthorized access or tampering.
Codentrix offers a range of specialty labels, including high-temperature labels, cryogenic labels, security labels, tamper-evident labels, and more, each designed for specific applications and environments.
Yes, Codentrix provides high-temperature resistant labels for industrial environments with extreme heat and cryogenic labels for applications involving extremely low temperatures.
Specialty labels from Codentrix are used in various industries such as pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, electronics, and automotive. For example, they can be used on product drums, PCB boards, mobile phone cameras, and even tyres.
Selecting the right label involves considering the environmental conditions, the surface characteristics of the product, and the duration for which the label is required. Our experts can guide you through the selection process based on these factors.
Yes, we offer transparent/clear labels and removable labels which are ideal for promotions, pricing, and temporary labeling needs without leaving residue upon removal.
Our labels are designed to be chemical resistant and can withstand the harsh environments typically found in these industries, ensuring durability and legibility.
You can order directly from our website or contact us for assistance in choosing and customizing labels to suit your specific requirements.

Elevate your products with our premium synthetic and specialty labels, designed for longevity and tailored to your unique needs. Embrace reliability and sophistication in every label .

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