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Premium Asset Tags and Labels for Effective Asset Management

At Codentrix we offer high-quality asset labels and Asset tags. We specialize in providing durable solutions for tagging assets in various industries, including IT, manufacturing, and healthcare.

Our range of asset tags includes options with barcodes, QR codes, and aluminium construction, ensuring reliable and efficient asset tracking. Whether you need asset tags for laptops, equipment, or furniture, we have the perfect solution for you.

Our laser marked, metal asset tags are designed for durability,. Our QR code asset tags offer advanced tracking capabilities, allowing you to easily scan and track your assets.

In addition to asset tags, we also offer asset labels and stickers, as well as inventory tags and SS metal asset tags. Our labels and tags are designed to withstand harsh environments and provide long-lasting identification for your assets.

Our standard asset labels are made from specialized synthetic materials, ensuring durability and tamper evidence. They resist environmental factors like water, direct sunlight, extreme heat, or cold. For those on a budget, we offer cost-effective options including standard paper, polypropylene, and vinyl asset labels.

Whether you need Asset labels for equipment, furniture, or other assets, our standard labels are designed to meet your needs. With fast turnaround times and excellent customer service, you can trust us to deliver high-quality Asset labels for tracking and protecting your assets.

Special High-Quality Asset Labels

Grey or Silver Polyester Asset Labels: These labels offer durability and versatility for long-term asset identification, with a strong adhesive backing suitable for various surfaces.

White Polyester Asset Labels: Providing a clean, professional look, these labels feature durable construction for indoor and outdoor use, ideal for industries like electronics and automotive, more suited for use as IT Asset Labels.

Ultra Destructive Asset Labels:Offering maximum security, these labels break into tiny pieces if removal is attempted, perfect for tamper-proof applications in pharmaceuticals and electronics.

Void Asset Labels:  Revealing a "VOID" pattern if removal is attempted, these labels deter theft and maintain asset integrity, ideal for industries requiring stringent security measures.

Security Cut Asset Labels:  Designed with a weakened face stock that breaks apart easily when tampered with, these labels provide a clear indication of interference, enhancing security and protecting assets from unauthorized access.

With our asset barcodes and Asset tracking stickers, you can streamline your asset management process and ensure accurate inventory tracking. Contact us today to learn more about our asset labeling solutions and how we can help you improve your asset management processes.

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