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Codentrix provides an easy way to manage assets to help you streamline Inventory audits, Produce comprehensive reports and keep track of Asset details like Asset ID, location, status, department and more.

Small to large companies from retail to manufacturing sectors will benefit from Codentrix - Asset Management Software to enable better asset tracking and inventory management.

Are you tired of losing track of your valuable assets? Are manual audits and tedious reporting processes slowing down your operations? Look no further! Asset Management Software is here to streamline your asset management process and ensure your assets are always accounted for. Our industry leading mobile application allows you to perform these tasks in an efficient manner.

1. Asset Creation and Management:

Auto-generate Asset IDs: Say goodbye to manual asset ID creation. Asset Management Software automatically generates unique IDs for your assets, or seamlessly reflects existing IDs from your ERP system.

Customizable Asset Profiles: Define each asset's profile by drilling down to multiple levels of categorization and nomenclature to fit your organization’s specific needs. Capture and manage detailed information providing a comprehensive overview of each asset's lifecycle.

Bulk Upload or Manual Entry: Whether you're migrating from your ERP or creating assets from scratch, Asset Management Software offers both bulk upload capabilities and manual entry options.

2. Asset Audits:

Simultaneous Audits:  Conduct audits for all your assets simultaneously, saving you time and effort.

Mobile Device Enabled: Our Android application empowers you to perform audits on the go, ensuring accurate asset tracking from anywhere.

3. Dashboard and Reporting:

Comprehensive Dashboard:  Gain real-time insights into your asset status through our intuitive dashboard, providing a clear overview of your asset landscape. departments.

Detailed Reports: Dive deeper into audit status and asset details with downloadable reports, enabling informed decision-making and compliance adherence.

4. Integration:

Compatible with Leading ERPs: Seamlessly integrate Asset Management Software with your existing ERP system, facilitating smooth data transfer and eliminating redundancies.

How does the Asset Management application benefit you ?


Automate tedious tasks such as asset ID generation and audits, freeing up valuable time for your team to focus on strategic initiatives.


Minimize human errors with our automated processes and real-time data synchronization.


Empower your team to perform audits and asset transfers anytime, anywhere, with our mobile application.


Make data-driven decisions with comprehensive dashboards and detailed reports, ensuring optimal asset utilization and compliance.

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