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Premium Thermal Transfer and Barcode Ribbons in Chennai by Codentrix

Choosing the right thermal transfer Barcode Ribbons is an important step in printing because the right combination of labels and barcode ribbons ensure that the labels can be properly scanned and are readable, durable and reliable.

Our Thermal Transfer ribbon range offers solutions for printing all types of variable information (barcodes, batch, expiry, logos, etc.).

Wax Thermal Transfer Ribbons for Economic and affordable printing

Our wax ribbons are budget-friendly and perfect for standard label printing on both coated and uncoated paper labels. To extend the life of your printer's print head, choose the right quality wax ribbons along with good quality labels. We provide high quality ribbons that are compatible with Zebra, TSC and other barcode printers.

Wax Resin Thermal Transfer Ribbons for Durable Printing

Achieve sharp, legible barcodes and lasting labels with our range of resin ribbon and wax/resin ribbon offerings. Our wax/resin ribbon blend is perfect for many applications, providing durable results on various label stocks, including paper, synthetic, and glossy materials. For more demanding needs, inquire about our full resin thermal transfer barcode ribbon, which chemically bonds to synthetic labels. Compatible with Zebra, TSC and other barcode printers our ribbons are delivered quickly to keep your printing operations running smoothly.

Resin and Premium Resin Thermal Transfer Barcode Ribbons for Long lasting printing

Resin ribbons and premium quality ribbons are ideal for printing labels with sharp, clear prints, perfect for harsh environments requiring abrasion and solvent resistance. We do supply barcode printer ribbons that are compatible with most synthetic materials as well as some matte or high-gloss paper.

These barcode ribbons chemically bond with the material they're printed on, ensuring long-lasting and durable labels. This strong adhesion makes them suitable for use in industries such as automotive, textile, medical, chemical, and packaging, where high damage resistance is essential.

With full resin ribbons, you can produce labels that are durable outdoors, in corrosive environments, and resistant to moisture, chemicals, solvents and abrasion, ensuring a long lifespan in challenging conditions.

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Frequently Asked Question

When purchasing your thermal transfer barcode printer ribbons in resin or wax/resin, select a width that matches or exceeds the width of your Barcode label including the release paper. To determine the number of labels you can produce from a ribbon, add your label height to the gap between labels (if applicable), and divide the ribbon length by this total. You can contact us to understand the compatibility information of each wax/resin thermal transfer ribbon product.

We offer Thermal Transfer Barcode Ribbons suitable for all leading OEMs including; Datamax, Zebra, TSC, Honeywell, Sato, Printronix, Citizen, Godex, Argox, TEC, Eltron, Intermec printer

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