How Tracerbee Software can simplify your Workflow Automation?

Tracerbee - A Traceability Software for manufacturers allows you to track raw materials, spare parts or finished goods across the entire Supply Chain. This helps improve process efficiency and workforce productivity.

  1. Helps identify which batch of raw material has been used to produce which end product.
  2. Enables instant tracking of FG identified by client for recall.
  3. Supports RM quarantine in case of supplier recall.
  4. Provides a bird’s eye view of your Supply Chain.
  5. Helps track spare parts movement in Maintenance stores

Tracerbee Modules

There are 4 distinct modules that can work individually and cohesively as a platform. While clients can pick relevant individual modules, the true benefit lies in the seamless integration of data across

Raw Material (RM):

Goods Receipt

Label print

Putaway process

Picking & Issue

Quality Control (QC):

Incoming materials

WIP materials

FG stage


Material Request (MR)

USN mapping


Sub-contractor Process

Finished Google (FG)

FG Receipt

Putaway Process

Picking & Issue



Key Product Features

Seamless hardware interface

Plug-and-play any printer, scanner and start working - you don’t need a service engineer.

Guided Configuration

You can easily configure for your entire organisation in a few hours. You don't need an army of IT experts or us.

Mobile device enabled

Putway, picking (part issue ) and related steps are mobile enabled via native Android app

Simplified ERP Integration

You can integrate with existing ERP ( id needed ) via flat files or API interface

Inituitive UI

Dleek,modern, yet fuctional design that intuitively guides the user that helps user adoption and creates an immersive UX.

Who can use it

Clients across various industries from Automobile to Aerospace and Pharma can leverage Tracerbee. It can also help companies to track/report their Spare Parts Inventory.

Traceability software for Automobile manufacturing
Traceability software for Aerospace industry
Traceability software for Pharma manufacturing
Whether you are an OEM, Tier 1 or Tier 2 supplier in any manufacturing setup, as long as you have a Raw material or spare part that needs to be tracked, Tracerbee can help you

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