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Codentrix is one among the top few Barcode Labels Manufacturers in Chennai and South India, We cater to a variety of Industries including Logistics, food processing, healthcare, electronics, household appliances, automotive, machine tools, chemicals, textiles and aeronautics.

We offer a variety of labels with a wide range of facestock and adhesives with matching arrays of ribbons to suit your needs. We provide thermal labels for various printing applications. Choosing the right labels is very important for your process and your business. Our experts, with over 2 decades of experience, can help you understand the varieties offered and select the solution that suits your requirements. Codentrix works with the leading brands in label management to bring you the best Labelling solutions.

We offer At Codentrix - Barcode Labels Manufacturers in Chennai, we offer complete thermal transfer printing solutions including customised software, Barcode printers, Colour printers, scanners, labels and thermal transfer ribbons. The labels may be chosen based on the following factors.

  • Type of Application.
  • Surface of application
  • Material of construction
  • Shape and texture of the substrate
  • Label appearance.
  • Type of printing to be used.
  • Type of adhesive required.
  • Conditions during application.
  • Environmental conditions.
  • Expected duration of use.

Custom Labels

Variable data labels with barcodes and QR codes are necessary to identify, track and authenticate products along the entire supply chain. As one of the leading Custom barcode label manufacturers in Chennai, we offer printing solutions to print custom labels,colour printed labels, sequential labels and labels with variable data that help your businesses become more efficient.



Pre Printed and Speciality Labels

With our extensive knowledge on unique and challenging pre printed & speciality labelling requirements, we have developed a number of specialty label solutions to meet Client needs.

We offer multi-color Pre printed labels for all manufacturing clients across Automotive, Pharma, Aerospace, Defense and other industries.

Speciality Labels Include

  • Security labels, Tamper Evident and Ultra-Destructive Labels
  • Ultra-high temperature resistant labels,
  • Cryogenic Labels
  • Mobile security labels
  • Battery labels, chemical drum labels
  • Labels for Aerospace & Semiconductor devices,
  • Chemical resistant labels and Pharma Labels,
  • Food product Labels,
  • Weather proof and Waterproof Labels,
  • Chemical Drum labels and Lubricants,
  • Piggyback labels,
  • Tyre Labels,
  • Colour Printer Labels

Printing Services

Codentrix is ready to fulfil your labelling needs. Save your time and money and utilise our printing services for a hassle free experience in procuring pre-printed labels, with variable data, Barcode or QR code as per your needs. We have a large client base already utilising these services for several years.We also provide colour label printers with necessary label stationary and printing solution to print you own customised labels in-house.



Barcode Ribbons

Choosing the right thermal transfer Barcode Ribbons is an important step in printing because the right combination of labels and ribbons ensure that the labels can be properly scanned and are readable, durable and reliable.

Our Thermal Transfer ribbon range offers solutions for printing all types of variable information (barcodes, batch, expiry, logos, etc.). The primary categories of ribbons are Wax, wax resin and Full resin and we offer a wide range of high quality ribbons for specialised label requirements.

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We offer Thermal Transfer Barcode Ribbons suitable for all leading OEMs including; Datamax, Zebra, TSC, Honeywell, Sato, Printronix, Citizen, Godex, Argox, TEC, Eltron, Intermec printer

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