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Traceability Software

Part Traceability is the ability to identify and track parts or batch of goods through its journey within a Production facility from raw materials to finished goods.

Traceability is critical to many industries and provides them with a bird’s eye view of the entire Production line and also enables them to respond to Product recalls and material quarantine efficiently and accurately.

In manufacturing, Traceability is the process of keeping record of parts and subassemblies associated with a specific product or range of products and/or assembly parts. The type of information tracked will vary, but some of the more commonly collected information includes: Supplier PO#, Goods Receipt #, Goods Receipt date, Storage location, Raw Material part #, Material Receipt Note (MRN), QC approver, approval date, Machine operator, Machine #, Production batch, Production date, FG part #,
Customer invoice # etc.

All of this data can be tracked via the application using the QR code marked on the part. Barcode readers then decode the data throughout the Production line and reliably transfer the information into the application. You can view the information in dashboards with drill-down capabilities and generate standard and customized reports.

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Custom software

We specialise in building custom software for workflow automation for clients across industries to meet their unique requirements. Whether it is simple process automation, data capture, variable printing or more comprehensive solutions like Inventory management and inventory valuation. we provide robust solutions that are well defined, designed to meet client requirements and delivered on-time.

Our solutions are aimed at reducing repetitive human tasks by automating data capture, processing and integrating with other systems. Through our Workflow automation software we provide to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your Production process.

We provide automation solutions to the manufacturing sector.

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Warehouse Management System

Our Warehouse software is designed to optimize your logistics, streamline operations, and elevate your overall supply chain efficiency.

Key Features:
  • 1. Real-time Visibility: Gain real-time visibility into your warehouse operations. Our WMS provides instant insights into inventory levels and order statuses, empowering you to make informed decisions on the fly.
  • 2. Inventory Optimization: Our WMS automates inventory tracking, reducing errors and ensuring accurate stock levels. Maximize warehouse space, minimize stockouts, and improve order fulfillment rates.
  • 3. Order Accuracy and Fulfillment: Enhance customer satisfaction by ensuring order accuracy. We employ advanced order picking and packing strategies, reducing errors and accelerating order fulfillment.
  • 4. Seamless Integration: Our Warehouse Management System seamlessly integrates with your existing systems, offering a unified platform for managing inventory, orders, and shipments.
  • 5. Scalability: Our Warehouse Management System grows with your business. Whether you're a small business or an enterprise, our scalable solution adapts to your changing needs, supporting your growth and expansion effortlessly.

  • Process Consulting

    We provide Consulting solutions to clients who seek to optimize their Printing operations through effective and efficient use of Hardware, software & Labels

    We analyze purchase, usage, maintenance and consumables for Hardware (Printers, Scanners, Spares), Labels (multiple materials and specifications) and software to optimize Total cost of ownership (TCO)

    We finally recommend optimization strategy to reduce upfront Purchase costs, repair & maintenance costs as well as improve user productivity

    Asset Tracking Software

    Codentrix provides an easy way to manage assets to help you streamline Inventory audits. Produce comprehensive reports. keep track of location, status, department, purchase information, and more.

    Small to large companies from retail to manufacturing sectors will benefit from Codentrix - Asset Management Software to enable better asset tracking and inventory management

    Asset entry

    Asset assignment

    Asset transfer

    Asset Audit

    Asset Disposal

    Codentrix - Asset Management Software eliminates inconsistencies and ensures that data is accurate.

    It provides a single database for access to contracts, software licences, service agreements, and other key asset-related papers, as well as pushes asset notifications to people who need to know.

    Our asset Management software records all your asset information that you feed in, such as location, cost, warranty information, purchase date, value, and tag or barcode number, as well as allowing data import from Excel and other programs.

    Users may easily attach documents to asset data and make modifications to maintain records updated.

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