Unified HRMS Platform


Today’s environment poses new challenges to HR professionals. HR teams need to be more productive, be more in control, have better visibility into their people practices and measure the outcomes. Our HRMS product is designed to empower them to do it.

We have built our software with the HR professional in mind. The tool is intuitive, easy to deploy, needs minimal IT support and can be scaled quickly. Our software is the most comprehensive solution for small and medium enterprises. It can also cater to large enterprises that need a lot of customization. It can be deployed as an on-premise or as a SaaS-based model.

Core Features 

  • Cloud-based software product
  • Feature-rich, easy to deploy
  • Highly configurable modules
  • Customizable for your unique needs
  • Cost competitive solution

Additional Benefits

  • Automatic feature upgrades to all clients annually
  • Pay as you use (or pay only for what you use)
  • Add users seamlessly as your company grows
  • Hosted on our servers (for SaaS)

Unified HRMS solution

Bringing software, hardware and services under one roof. We can be your one-hand-to-shake

Ideal for small and medium enterprises that do not have the luxury of time and capital.

Competitively priced and suits the needs of organizations across various industries.

It can be scaled easily based on your changing business requirements.

Our solution is feature rich and is also easily configurable. You can deploy it with minimal IT support.

The software can also be easily customized based on your needs with short lead times.

Our tool is cloud-based and can be deployed across any organization with relative ease.

Intuitive user interface which makes adoption and roll-out very smooth.

Bringing It All Together

We have carefully integrated our modules keeping in mind the essential components that would empower the HR team to operate efficiently. Our software integrates seamlessly with all the leading OEM brands (including Biometrics, Face Recognition and Thermal scanners) to provide a unified user experience for all HR needs.

It starts with Access Control with Biometric scanners and face recognition devices that generate data for Attendance & Timesheet modules which feed the Payroll processing module. Learning and Development (L&D) , which is a key HR focus area, can be managed through our LMS platform and integrated with Performance Management .

Introduction to our LMS solution

Whether it is onboarding new employees, training existing employees, or rolling out new product features to Sales executives on the road in remote locations, LMS platform has become an indispensable tool in the hands of the HR team to manage the learning and development needs of the organization. We have leveraged our functional expertise in this area along with our software capabilities to build an LMS platform that supports your needs.

Our product “TOUCH by CODENTRIX” is a unified HRMS solution with multiple HR modules. LMS is a key component of our HRMS solution and solves one of the most fundamental challenges of any organization, which is, imparting knowledge evenly across the company in a timely and efficient manner. Our tool facilitates effective learning in a collaborative way and at a competitive cost

Our LMS solution is a cloud-based software, that is feature-rich, easy to deploy, customizable and cost effective for growing organizations. Its features, rival some of the industry leading LMS platforms.

It is intuitive, user friendly and configurable and can be implemented and maintained with minimal IT support.

We can customize the software to meet your unique requirements within a short duration. Our platform can be scaled up easily to accommodate your growing business needs.

Product Features 

  • Brand integration
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) capability
  • SCORM-compliant
  • Feature-rich platform
  • On-premise and SaaS options
  • Highly configurable functionalities

Our Differentiators

  • In-house HR and L&D experts
  • Ready to deploy software
  • Flexible deployment schedule
  • Automatic upgrades every year
  • Multiple support models available


  • Configurable role definitions
  • Multiple content upload options
  • Comprehensive 360° dashboard
  • Extensive reporting features


  • Intuitive user interface
  • Basic gamification features
  • Personalized learning paths
  • Individual test and scoring mechanism
  • Collaborative learning experience

A complete LMS package

Personalized learning paths: Non-linear course maps to meet individual learning needs

DashboardExecutive dashboards to provide 360° view of all activities within the LMS platformnot have the luxury of time and capital.

SCORM-compliantAllows you to integrate or download courses from MOOC libraries

Collaborative learning : Supports social media groups, online discussions and group projects

Basic gamification: Badges, points and leaderboard to motivate and inspire learners

Customizable reporting: In-built reports and options to customize as needed

Administration: All relevant functionalities to add users, courses, administer tests etc.

Brand integrationAbility to integrate your brand to create unified organizational experience.

We are launching our Supply Chain Product as well as our Payroll Processing module within HRMS shortly. Stay tuned.