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Codentrix is one of the leading Thermal transfer Barcode label manufacturers in Chennai. We manufacture high quality thermal transfer Barcode labels in Chennai and cater to a variety of Industries including automotive, Pharmaceutical, logistics labels & shipping labels, food processing, healthcare, electronics, chemicals, aerospace and retail.

How to choose the right labels to meet your requirements

As one of the leading Barcode label manufacturers, we offer a variety of blank thermal transfer labels with a wide range of facestock and adhesives to suit your label requirements. The labels may be chosen based on the following factors

  • Type of Application.
  • Surface of application
  • Material of construction
  • Shape and texture of the substrate
  • Label appearance.
  • Type of printing to be used.
  • Type of adhesive required.
  • Conditions during application.
  • Environmental conditions.
  • Expected duration of use.

Choosing the right labels is very important for your process and your business. Our experts, with over 2 decades of experience, can help you understand the label varieties offered and select the label solution that suits your requirements.

Comprehensive Thermal Transfer Printing Solutions

Codentrix offers an all-in-one thermal transfer printing solution, including:

  • Customized Label Print Applications
  • Barcode Printers and Colour Printers
  • Barcode Labels
  • Thermal Transfer Ribbons

Thermal Transfer Labels for Zebra Printers, TSC, Datamax and other Barcode Printers

No matter which Barcode Printer you use for your thermal transfer barcode labels, you can rely on Codentrix to provide you the appropriate printing supplies, precisely when you need it. We offer ideal options for Zebra, TSC, Datamax, and more. Whether you need everyday supplies or specialized items like die-cut, security cut or round thermal transfer labels, our team is here to assist you.

Barcode Paper Labels

The most economic variety in the Thermal transfer Label segment is the Paper Labels. Our paper barcode labels are expertly crafted to meet the diverse needs of businesses across industries. Using premium paper, we ensure our labels deliver clear, accurate barcode scanning, crucial for efficient inventory management and traceability.

Available in various sizes, colors, and adhesive options, our paper barcode labels are tailored to suit your unique requirements. Trust us for durable and dependable labels that adhere to industry standards.

Contact us today to discuss your labeling needs and discover the perfect solution for your business.

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